MC2 Audio T500 Leistungsverstärker

MC2 Audio T500 Leistungsverstärker
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Art.Nr.: MC2 Audio T500 Leistungsverstärker
Hersteller: MC2 Audio
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MC2 Audio T500 Leistungsverstärker


Garantie 5 Jahre


Designed for the fixed installation market, the high performance T Series features MC² Audio’s complementary Class AB bipolar topology and the unique MC² Audio current driven floating drive stage.

Conventional analogue level controls help deliver the cleanest sound available coupled with ultra-high standards of reliability. The T Series’ proprietary control and protection circuitry continuously checks for fault conditions including shorted outputs, DC on outputs, excessive temperature, and component failure. If such an event occurs the outputs are disconnected, saving expensive driver repair bills.

Sophisticated 'side chain' limiters prevent distortion and speaker damage but are out-of-circuit until the onset of clipping. The control circuitry provides full protection against inrush current limiting with delayed 'turn on'. Low noise vari-speed fans are utilized to minimize mechanical noise, making the T Series an ideal choice for live theatre. Optional internal crossover cards available.


Box:              250 x 610 x 600

Amplifier:     88(h) x 482(w) x 428(d)


Number of Channels:
 Frequency Response:
20Hz to 20kHz
(+ 0/- 0.5dB)
Output Power: (per channel)Power Consumption:
8 ohms215WNominal @ 240v into 4 ohms1.0A
4 ohms375WNominal @ 120v into 4 ohms2.0A
2 ohmsN/ADimensions: (2U) (mm)
Output Power: (bridged)Amplifier88(h) x 482(w) x 428(d)
8 ohms750WSingle Box (UK shipping)230 x 580 x 560
4 ohmsN/ADouble Box (outside UK)250 x 610 x 600
THD%: (@1dB below max output)Weight:
@ 1kHz<0.008%Amplifier 12.6kg
20Hz to 20kHz<0.03%Boxed (shipping weight) 14.1kg
Gain / Sensitivity:  
Sensitivity (for max power)+2.0dBu


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