Mackie MCU Pro Control Surface

Mackie  MCU Pro Control Surface
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Art.Nr.: Mackie MCU Pro Control Surface
HAN: Mackie MCU Pro Control Surface
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Mackie  MCU Pro Control Surface




Visual Feedback

We equipped the Mackie Control Universal Pro with a generous two-line, 55-character backlit LCD to display parameters like track name, channel metering, I/O assignments, plug-ins, EQ, dynamics or anything our various software partners want you to see.

Channels, Faders and Banks

Equipped with nine 100mm motorized touch-sensitive faders from Alps® one for each channel, plus a master fader and support for an unlimited number of banks. Each fader channel also has a V-Pot, surrounded by an LED collar to indicate the current value, and dedicated buttons for record ready, solo, mute, channel select, and signal present LED.



Software Friendly

While MCU Pro is compatible with all major music production software, it is also designed to specifically work with your application — just access your softwares parameters in the master section and you can get right down to action. We even supply pre-labeled Lexan overlays for popular applications.



The MCU XT Pro is an eight-channel control surface extension for MCU Pro. The XT Pro has all the channel strip features of the MCU Pro — without the master section. Depending on your music production software support, multiple Extender units can be used together with a MCU Pro to emulate a large-scale control surface.

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