Mackie REACH Aktiver Säulen Speaker mit Mischpult

Mackie REACH Aktiver Säulen Speaker mit Mischpult
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Art.Nr.: Mackie REACH Aktiver Säulen Speaker mit Mischpult
HAN: Mackie REACH Aktiver Säulen Speaker mit Mischpult
Hersteller: MACKIE
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Mackie REACH Aktiver Säulen Speaker mit Mischpult




Sound quality and capability

Reach utilizes ARC array technology to provide an ultra-wide 150 degrees of coverage for crystal clear sound to your entire audience even in large or wide spaces. With the built-in EarShot personal monitoring system, you get true stage monitoring with unmatched flexibility via side-facing high-output full range speakers to ensure you can hear yourself clearly during your performance. And with the Mackie Connect app, you get wireless control over levels, EQ, FX, monitoring and more.

Mackie Reach Product Overview Video

Product Overview
Reach Professional PA

[7:16] Dig into all the details of the Mackie Reach


Ultra-wide coverage, built-in personal monitoring, wireless mixing and more.

The ultimate all-in-one professional PA system.


No Roadies Required

With Reach, your whole band can plug in thanks to the built-in 6-channel digital mixer with complete wireless control. No more having to hook up a seperate mixer and speakers. Reach allows you to connect mics, guitars, keyboards and more and control it all right from your phone and with the EarShot personal monitoring system, you can hear yourself clearly on stage. Bring Reach to your next gig and experience your best performance ever.


Your Best Solo Performance 

Reach has everything you need for your most successful solo gig, like ARC Array technology, which gets your carefully crafted songs to all ears with unmatched sound quality, even in those odd shaped venues with seats off to the side of the stage. And with Bluetooth® connectivity, you can stream backing tracks and dial in your mix with the Mackie Connect app without leaving the stage.


Speak With Confidence

Reach has all the tools you need to get your presentation up and running quickly and sounding great, like the Mackie Connect app, which lets you can control everything from levels and EQ to built-in FX right from the podium. Large audience? Reach is designed for maximum throw and ultra-wide coverage so everyone will hear you loud and clear all the way in the back, and with the built-in feedback destroyer, ear-piercing squeals are a thing of the


From the ARC array technology to the powerful built-in digital mixer, Reach delivers the best possible sound for your audience and the stage.

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