Montarbo E616A Aktiv Lautsprecher

Montarbo E616A  Aktiv Lautsprecher
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Art.Nr.: Montarbo E616A Aktiv Lautsprecher
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Hersteller: Montarbo
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Montarbo E616A  Aktiv Lautsprecher



Small sized, 2-way, full-range, bi-amplified system (500 + 150 W EIAJ).
It is fitted with two 6" woofers (2.5" voice coil) and one high-quality driver, loaded with one 80° x 60° tractrix horn arranged in a D'Appolito configuration.

E616A is the result of the accumulated experience gained from the FULL and WIDE series and it represents a unique combination of transportability and acoustic efficiency.

Conceived for maximum flexibility of use, even thanks to the Montarbo DSP controller, it may be successfully used wherever a professional, small sized, high performance system is required. Its great intelligibility and linearity, the high acoustic power that can be generated and the remarkably small size make it perfect for a wide range of applications, such as top-of-the-line clubs, distributed systems in reverberant halls, near-field monitoring in recording studios, main sound reinforcement for the performing arts and front-fill monitoring in PalcoPLUS array systems.

The power of the DSP and the system's components allow the more advanced user to set-up a customized system in an array beam steering configuration. This can be achieved by placing the speakers in a side-by-side array and configuring, by remote control, each system with the relevant delay and equalization parameters. The on-board electronics is based on a Montarbo DSP controller (56 bit, 180 MHz, 24 bit conversion) which handles all the filtering, equalizing, delaying, limiting and diagnostics functions. 5 presets are available, one of which may be customized by the user and stored in the DSP memory, thus adapting the speaker's acoustic response to the user's own personal taste. The DSP also controls the output for driving an external subwoofer, whether or not it features internal passive filters. The presets may be modified with the Montarbo proprietary RAConLS™ software program supplied with the optional LD2.4 USB interface.

The remote controls make it possible:
- to program a custom preset and store it in the DSP memory or store an unlimited number of them in the PC
- to adjust the frequency response by means of a 10 filter full parametric equalizer
- to adjust the time delay and output level of each speaker system
- to check the signal level and the thermal conditions of the power amplifiers
- to select the type of the subwoofer used.

Technische Daten
Enclosure2-way bass-reflex
Frequency response70 Hz ÷ 18 kHz ± 2dB
Sensitivity95 dB SPL @ 1W/1m on axis
Max SPL128 dB
Componentscustom designed according to Montarbo® specifications
LF2 x 6" (2.5" voice coil) with shielded supervented neodymium magnet
HF1" shielded compression driver (1.7" voice coil) loaded by a 80° x 60° horn tractrix
Electronic x-over filter1400 Hz
Built-in amplifier2 class-D power units
LF output power500 W
HF output power150 W
Total output power650 W EIAJ
Built-in DSPMontarbo®
Processing56 bit/180 MHz
Conversion24 bit
Management functionsFiltering, EQ, delay, limiting, diagnostic, 5 presets, 1 of which custom-programmable
Remote control by PC by means of USB interface LD2.4 (optional device)
Connections and controlsBalanced XLR connectors for input, link, processed output for driving external subwoofer
RJ45 DATA connectors for the connection to a PC (Montarbo net);
PowerCon® for mains power supply (input + link)
Volume control;
Status LED indicators (signal, clipping, thermal warning, protection);
Active preset LED indicators
Construction15 mm birch multiply
Anti-abrasion paint
Steel protection grille
FittingsSpeaker stand adapter
Transport handle
Dimensions (W x H x D)510 x 210 x 350 mm
Weight15.4 kg
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